Thursday, July 21, 2005

Fort night

When you are tired, there is only one thing to do -- exercise. So, as mentioned by a close friend Senthil, a bunch of us friends decided to go to the hills, since they didn't come to us (the hills, that is, not the friends). If you have ever lived in Pune, or talked to me when drinking beer, you must be acutely aware of the fact that there are many hills within 100 kms of Pune. Shivaji, in his infinite wisdom and free time, built more than 400 forts on many of the hills in Maharashtra, and I am personally thankful to him for that. Rajgadh, our destination for this trip, is my favourite trek and I have been there (you know this too, if you have ever been with me when drinking beer) ten times in all. Some of those treks were quite memorable, but that is the topic for another post.

The topic of this post is to note down, as Senthil did, what I realized about people on this trip. Here goes:


I am not the kind of person who, when he sees a person wielding a gun, goes all analytical about the need to wield a gun, the kind of people who give in to such needs and what not. I, under such circumstances, go to sleep. Yes, friends, I can sleep with passion. My motto in life -- when in doubt, sleep. I can take time off from sleeping for sleeping. I frequently get nightmares that I am being chased by a psycopath serial killer after my bedtime. Shudder.

Anyway, I didn't draw any conclusions about people, life and things based on this one trek. That is Senthil's job. I want to tell you what I saw during the trek that I really felt happy about.
  1. I saw a sunbird holding a boll of cotton in its beak, jumping from twig to twig. That made me happy.
  2. I saw Arjun holding a boll of cotton in his mouth, jumping from cliff to cliff. Wait, that was probably a dream after we finished all the beer and went off to sleep. But it made me happy, nonetheless.
  3. I saw crabs, bugs, centipedes and millipedes. And I was happy that at least some things were safe from Salman Khan and Nawab of Pataudi.
  4. I saw how the colour of soil changed from red at the base of the hill to dark brown at the top, and I was happy that I was not colour blind.
  5. I saw next morning that our campsite was actually above some of the clouds. I was happy that we had tents and we could actually camp out at such lovely places in the night, far from lights of the city, and the only illumonation for us in the night was the hazy moonlight filtering through the thick cloud cover.
  6. I saw the dark blue sky next morning and it made me really happy. I have this thing about blue skies...
I was happy that I have an enthusiastic bunch of friends (and a wife) who dragged me out of the house on the weekend and provided me the much needed break from a tiring routine.

It feels great to be back to blogging. I have much more to write about. Soon. Watch the space...


At 2:51 AM, Blogger Senthil said...

Ho. My job, eh? MY JOB, EH?
well... maybe. But you did see Kakkar. No dream, that. Or nightmare, depending on how you classify the bally things.

At 5:22 AM, Anonymous Anirudh said...

Enjoyed the post.

At 11:05 AM, Blogger GettingThere said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 11:40 PM, Blogger Manish Bhatt said...

Welcome back! Lucky indeed.

At 6:11 AM, Blogger GettingThere said...

He he - I can picture Arjun (don't know who he is - so I imagine him as a faceless person. Sorry Arjun!!) with a cotton ball in his mouth, jumping from cliff to cliff. Cliff to cliff? Hmmmmmm. Anyway - I am ROTFLMAO :)

I know sleeping is your "Strongest skill". Maybe Sleepy's could hire you to demonstrate how comfortable their beds are! I am sure they will be ready to pay big bucks to someone as committed to the job as you would be :D

I sometimes wish we had friends who would drag us out for camping trips. Sometimes I wish you were here in the US.

At 8:14 AM, Blogger tmww said...

A few things..
Pataudi is out on bail.
Amit dosnt blog.
I love treks, blue skies, beer, sleep.

At 10:19 AM, Blogger Mint Chutney said...

And where are the pictures to accompany the lovely post?

At 1:36 PM, Blogger @mit said...

Anurag - A good post. Looks like most of your audience for this blog is your friend circle and you do get to drink beer with them.

I am from Pune (currently in US) and your post made me nostalgic about the hills and forts that I miss over here. You are lucky.

you are more lucky because you found the time to actually enjoy all the beauty that was there. An amazing post from that perspective. I just wrote something about how I need to enjoy my life more and now I read your post on similar lines.....

And when I come to Pune, I hope we can drink a beer (on me) while on a hill --- you choose the brand and the hill

BTW - I 've blogrolled your blog

At 3:38 AM, Blogger Satya said...

do u like pandavgadh ??

At 10:54 PM, Blogger Anurag said...

Senthil: Sorry. :)

Anirudh: Thanks.

Manish: Yes, I agree with you.

Gettingthere: You should come live with us for a week the next time you are here. Then we can go camping and everything. But I don't know whether your system will be able to stomach the water we drink when we are up there. :))

The man: Pataudi is out? Wait, let me hide my pet lizard. You said it about treks. We should do one soon.

Mint C: I wasn't carrying my camera, but I did take some shots using Senthil's. Will ask him if he minds sharing them.

amit: Yes, I have a nice group of friends and we share similar tastes. You are on the next time you come to Pune. Torna, Castle Lager, what say?

Satya: No, never been there though have heard loads about it. Should check it out. Do you recommend it?

At 4:56 AM, Blogger Anita said...

Hey Anurag, Just ran into your blog while i was surfing through Dilip's.

Ahh I quite know what you are talking about. I went to Rajgad and stayed there for 3 days a year and hf ago. Your post made me soooooo nostalgic. Am currently in Hyderabad and miss the western ghats so much. Nothing compares to the pleasure of sweating and puffing our way up the mountains, admiring the view below and feeling like you have the world at your feet.

At 12:19 AM, Blogger jaygee said...

hey i have the same nitemare..of a killer who has seen me see him killing.. and well.. wake up cold and sweating.. wonder why?


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