Friday, December 23, 2005

Canoeing trip

On the second day of our Vizag trip, our hosts arranged for a day out. We headed to Anekapalli (Vizag residents, please pardon my spelling), where Adeep, who hails from Vizag, had arranged for a canoe trip with the villagers. After an hour's drive from Vizag, we reached the lake, where the villagers had arranged for the canoe trip. They make canoes by hollowing out trunks of coconut trees. For us, they had made rafts by tying canoes in pairs. On top of these rafts they had put planks to seat us. Beer (or whichever alcoholic drink you prefer) was served on board, though there were no movies.

We set off, drinking in the scenery and our respective alcoholic beverages (not necessarily respective, since I drank some of Gina's cocktail too). The trip through the swamp was too beautiful to be described in words, so I will just put up some pictures. I hope they are able to convey the beauty we saw.

Disclaimer: except for the first, all pictures were shot from moving canoes, so they may be a little blurred and out of focus.

Canoes made from hollowed coconut tree trunks




Bird on a fish trap


At 6:51 AM, Blogger gawker said...

Amazingly beautiful. Although those canoes seem pretty flimsy to rely upon to keep you out of the drink.

At 11:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Anurag...seems like you had fun in Vizag...loved the pics on flickr, specially the one of Gina and you in formal clothes and sunglasses:)


At 9:08 PM, Blogger GettingThere said...

Beautiful pics. Each one more breathtaking than the last. Or was the last one better than this one? Let me go back and take a look......

Thats what I keep doing when I visit your blog :)

At 10:37 PM, Blogger Heretic said...

Sensational pics! Loved the sky in the third pic.

Beer on a canoe sounds really interesting; perhaps maadi on a hollowed-out-coconut-trunk raft would be even better. :-)

At 11:52 PM, Blogger Anurag said...

Gawker: Thanks. Yes, the canoes needed a lot of expertise to handle. I did row the raft (made by tying two canoes together), but could not persuade the fishermen to let me try one alone.

Jaya: Thanks.

Gettingthere: I'm flattered.

Heretic: Glad you like the pics. Beer on a boat is good anytime, and even better when the surroundings are so beautiful and you don't have to row.


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