Monday, May 15, 2006

Justifying my stand...

Tell me honestly, after looking at this, am I wrong in wanting to sell my soul?

Friday, May 12, 2006


For those who were beyond themselves with glee because of my absence from the web: nyaaah nyaaah.

Much has happened since the last time I blogged. I present, in alphabetical order, the list of important things that have transpired since the last post on my blog.

  • Aardvark
  • Abate
No, wait! I plagiarized from the wrong source. That was my GRE word list. Here is the actual list, not necessarily alphabetically sorted:

  • Gina's sister got married. Her name is Loveleen. Gina's sister name, I mean, not Gina's. She got married to Rohit. The wedding was in the same gurudwara in Pune where Gina and I tied the knot three years back. After the wedding ceremony, we had a luncheon at Sun'N'Sand, where I got, in words of Shrik, punch drunk. I thought I was quite in control (except the time when I tried to drown Tripathi in the bowl of tomato soup). That day my parents witnessed me drinking for the first time. It would probably not go down as a very good memory for them that I got drunk. But then, on a brighter note, they don't expect much from me in life now. I recommend this therapy to everyone.
  • Coming back to the marriage, Rohit didn't get to play tennis with this time either. This is the second time he has not kept his word about playing tennis with me. The first time was during his engagement, when we went to Vizag.
  • I haven't exercised since the Clinton regime.
  • I bought a new digicam for taking snapshots. I already had an SLR, an exquisite piece of machinery which allows me to capture poignant moments very beautifully. In fact, it creates many poignant moments. For instance, when people gather for a special occasion, like a marriage, and I convene a group of people, secretly having fights with each other, for a picture, and then take so much time adjusting the aperture, exposure, depth of field, neutron intensity, PMS and the budget deficit that people break down with hunger pangs. I have actually been reprimanded in public rather intensely by Gina many a times for doing that. I didn't want to take any chances for Loveleen's wedding, so bought a digital camera for taking snapshots. Everything has gone very smoothly so far, but I dread the moment when the SLR finds out about the digi, and when I have to make a choice, and have to decide whether I should let them meet or not. Anyone having experience in such situations, please contact me.
  • There's a crate of Bacardi breezers, a bottle of Smirnoff and a bottle of Bacardi rum lying at my apartment. Leftovers from the wedding luncheon. :)
  • Which reminds me that my wedding anniversary is around the corner. Since Gina reads this blog, I had better not confess that I am clueless about what to buy for her this year. Maybe a crate of Bacardi breezers?

I am hungry and will go in search of food. Promises mean nothing, so I won't promise to write more regularly. I won't. So there.