Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What I have been upto these past decades

People who know me well do not lend me money. They also know that I am the curious sort, always looking for knowledge in the most unlikely places, which is probably why I don't find any. Another thing known only to the people close to me, which is why you should be thanking your lucky stars right now dear reader, is that I am full of ideas. I am so full of ideas that if you walked behind me for a whole day, some of these ideas are bound to slip out of my brain and you could pick them right up and get rich putting them in practice. Why don't I put my ideas in place, you ask? Well, you innocent child you, read the first line of this post.

Anyway, of late I have come across an idea bearing considerable merit which I want to discuss with the general public (you).

Using my mathematical skills I develop a model which can predict the algorithm used by the US department of justice to decide the false identities and destinations for people under the witness protection program. Then I sell this model to the mafia bosses (know as mafii from now on, for convenience) for a large sum of money. The trick is this: the model will work well only for the first few times. By then I will have made my money and disappeared, probably gone to the US DoJ and given them the list of the mafii for more money in return, who will then place me in the WPP (the DoJ, not the mafii). Now, the mafii will be really mad at this point, mainly because they did not read the first line of this post. They will run the model, come up with a name and location to find out where I am placed which, because of my immeasurable intelligence and foresight, will match with a real name and a person who will also be a close lookalike of mine (and, preferably, in the WPP), who will then be eliminated by the mafii's hit men. Here's the beauty of the whole thing:

--> I make the money off the mafii.
--> I make the money off the gvernment.
--> The government spends the taxpayer's money to protect me.
--> The mafii think they got their revenge and lay off me.

The sheer brilliance of this idea has got me dizzy. Except for a few minor details, the whole thing is ready. All I have to do now is go meet a venture capitalist who does not belong to or work with the mafia and I will be all set.

Meanwhile, why don't you enjoy a few pictures that I took at the Sinhagadh fort near the city of Pune?


Abandoned house

Watch dog

Don't remember the name of this place. Puneites, please help.

Mhatre, the angry kanda-bhajji seller

Shrik reflects

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Toothbrushes and hand soap

Taken last night against a backlit bathroom window.

f/16.0, 25 s.
Canon Rebel XTi.
Canon 50 mm lens.