Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fight for kisses

You may have already seen this ad, but I came across it today for the first time. Lovely! :)

Friday, September 14, 2007

In Brussels - II

I went out to De Brouckere area last evening to sit at a roadside cafe and have a quiet beer and a nice dinner by myself. Turned out to be anything but a quiet evening, and anything but a nice dinner.

When I took a seat, a dog came running by and hid behind my chair. After a few moments, a woman came running shouting out what seemed to be the name of a dog. She asked me (I assumed she did, since she spoke French and I do not, but I speak body language) something about a dog and I pointed behind the chair and she and the dog had a bit of a discussion. Then she left with the dog, thanking me three times.

I wanted to enjoy being in Europe, so I bought a pack of cigarettes. I opened the pack, took out and lit a cigarette and sipped my beer. A young man walked past me, turned around, came back and asked something for which there is no equivalent phrase in body language, so I had to ask him to say it again in English. He wanted a cigarette, which I gladly offered him. He thanked me and left.

After a few minutes, another man asked for a cigarette which I gladly gave him.

Then a woman came walking by and asked for something. I offered her a cigarette, but she wanted a light instead, which I gave her as well.

Then a woman who seemed to be a prostitute came by, drinking a can of beer, donning so much makeup that Andy Warhol would have been proud of her, stopped by and shouted something (she seemed a little high), again not in body language. I said I did not speak French, so she asked me whether she could have a cigarette, and I said of course she could, and she took three cigarettes and shouted that she loved me, and I said I loved her too, and she said that I should give her some money for some food in that case, and I said I did not love her that much, after which she thanked me and shouted that she still loved me and left.

The dog came running by once again, but decided not to hide behind my chair this time. After a moment of confusion it left and went back in the direction which it was trying to escape shortly before.

Then a man came by and asked for cigarettes. After I gave him the cigarettes, I decided to keep the pack in my bag.

I smoked half a cigarette.

I gave away seven cigarettes.

Then I had the most expensive crappy food I have ever had in my life -- some sort of vegetarian spaghetti.

I ended the De Brouckere stint with an Orange brandy, which was so good that I am trying to find a bottle to take home.

On the way back to the tram station, I came across a very talented singer, strumming the guitar and singing. Now, I may come across as a very extroverted person sometimes, but I have my shy side, and it usually comes out in places which I am not familiar with -- parties where I don't know people, foreign countries and the like. My initial instinct was to walk away from the man, even though I liked the music, because I didn't know what to do. However, I decided to tell my instincts to go take a hike, sat on a bench next to the man, acknowledged him and listened to his rendition of Layla, clapped very loudly when he finished, and gave him a Euro, to which he thanked me. I wanted to listen more, but I did not have too many Euros left so I left. Anurag: 1, Instincts: 0.

Evenings spent alone are the most happening, I think.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

In Brussels

Yes, I'm in Brussels till Saturday. This time I did not carry my camera and I must admit that I am seeing more things. A few things which I love about this city, apart from the very obvious (the multitude of choices that the beer industry has to offer):

1. The intricate window and balcony grill patterns that most buildings have. Very ornate, yet classy.
2. The public transport system -- trams, buses and metro trains which run efficiently, are clean and modern.
3. The really wide pavements for people to walk on, even on the busiest roads.
4. The fact that you are not expected to tip after a meal.
5. The maturity of people -- more on this later, take my word for it for now.

However, for now it is time to get back to meeting with managers at the client office.