Tuesday, July 18, 2006

This sucks!

I don't like this. I can't view blogs hosted on blogger. What this means is that I have eight free hours in the office everyday and no clue what to do with them! Well, I guess I will just try and get some work done.

Once again, sigh...

Monday, July 10, 2006


I was sitting around in my room minding in my own business, unable to decide what to do next. So I decided to have a conversation with God.

"Yo, God..." , I said, "Let there be light. At least in New Delhi."
"You punk!", came the reply rather sharply, "I decide when that should happen. You don't even believe in me. However, just to show that I am such a noble thing and all, I will let there be some brilliant flashes."
"Will do, man. Peace."

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Curious about what's happening in my life?

Don't be. Not much is happening here. Except that I went running in the rain on Saturday. I try to do it at least once every monsoon. Saturday brought some good, strong showers to the city, so I decided to put on my shoes and head out in the lanes of Koregaon Park. Ended up running 12 kms, and enjoyed every step of it. There's something in rain water which causes plants and trees to flourish in a way that is indescribable. They seem happy. And green. Anyway, it was a terrific experience, and I need to do it again this weekend. Needless to say, the activity resulted in many small kids giggling and pointing their fingers in my direction and old people looking at me with stern disbelief.

There's a lot more that I want to be doing this beautiful season, but am being held back due to work. Work which, hopefully, will soon ease up a little bit when we finish the current project. Then I intend to drive down to Goa with Gina, buy an i-Ball tablet and try my hands at illustrations (anyone having experience with such devices, please send me some advice), resume learning to play the violin, take time out to listen to the whole lotta music that Gina has, shoot some more rolls and have fun in general.

Till then, beloved readers, you will have to be satisfied with shots from Lakshmi road excursion. Here's one of a young man whose bravado can only be possessed by those who grow up on streets. Comments on the composition of this shot will be highly appreciated. In particular, if you can think of how this shot could have been improved, do let me know.